Samsung and Oculus VR are reportedly working on a virtual-reality headset, according to tech blog Engadget.

Oculus VR, which Facebook bought for $2 billion, is making its own headset, the Oculus Rift, while Samsung has separately been working on its technology. Engadget reported last week about the collaboration, and it says it has more details today.

Oculus declined comment. The Irvine, Calif.-based company is reportedly handling the software side of the product while Samsung deals with the hardware. Under the collaboration, Oculus would give Samsung early access to its mobile software development kit and help make the user interface. Samsung would give Oculus early access to its next-gen organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens, which have a resolution that’s better than 1080p (the standard for HDTV).

Samsung’s screens are what Oculus needs to launch its PC-based first product for gamers, according to unnamed sources cited by Engadget. John Carmack, the creator of Quake and the new chief technology officer at Oculus, is reportedly creating the mobile software development kit that Samsung is using.

Samsung’s VR headset will use your phone directly, rather than have its own screen, as you plug the headset into a port on the phone. Players would then pair the headset with a game controller.

One of the cool things about using the phone is that it enables video to pass through to you via the rear-facing camera, so you can see a video feed of the outside world. That gives you awareness of what’s going on behind you as well as a chance to use augmented-reality applications.