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Video-conferencing and screen-sharing are important tools for organizations of all sizes. It enables companies to collaborate from multiple locations and communicate imperative information while reducing costs from transportation.

We’re doing more of our work on phones and tablets, yet no solutions exist for businesses to beam live video from these devices to others. This is where developer Squirrels‘s solution comes in.

Slingshot, released earlier this month, enables people to share their iOS, Windows, and OS X desktops or applications with anyone. By simply inviting people into a group session, you can show others what’s currently going on with their phones, tablets, or computers.

Slingshot’s biggest draw is the capability to share live video from iOS devices. You can easily stream what’s on your iPad’s or iPhone’s screen to others by downloading the app to both mobile devices and computers. Setup is simple, taking less than five minutes. Here‘s a list of compatible Apple devices.

This app has many applications in the business world. In meetings, each person now has access to their own screen, so seeing and understanding presentations becomes much easier. Slingshot also comes with “collaboration tools,” which include text chat, live note-taking, and file-sharing. As a result, these tools make video conferences much more effective.

Slingshot’s iOS screen-sharing is a huge boon to developers. Thanks to being able to see both the mobile screen and the client, developers can now directly demonstrate projects and receive feedback on the fly. By being able to show off products in real time, developers eliminate provisioning problems and having to send .ipa and .pkg files.

Customer support reps can use Slingshot to enhance their service. As a support solution, Slingshot connects service members and customers face-to-face to provide help. Customer support reps can now instantly share important help documents with multiple people and share desktops and mobile screens to give better instructions. Even the most technical of explanations becomes easier to understand when users can see each others’ screens.

Every download of Slingshot comes with a free 30-day trial that gives up to five people webcam feeds and dial-in access. After that, the service starts at $9.99 per month, with pricer subscriptions giving more concurrent sessions and webcam feeds. Squirrels, which also created AirParrot and Reflector, also provides custom solutions, with negotiated features and prices.

For new startups, the best tier appears to be the Small Group plan. This plan includes dial-in access, five webcams, and one active session for five users. This service is perfect for collaboration with younger teams. There are also tiers that support larger groups and enterprise for when your business grows.

There is one caveat to Slingshot. People using Android can’t share their screens at all. Slingshot is cross-platform, however, meaning people on any device can still view screens, share files, and collaborate.

Slingshot’s screen sharing app brings iOS devices into the fold, seamlessly paving the way for clearer communication in meetings, presentations, and support sessions. If you’re looking for a solution that allows your team to engage clients more efficiently and collaborate more effectively, look no further than Slingshot.

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