SAN FRANCISCO — Apple is clearly gunning for Google Drive with its new iCloud Drive feature, announced today at its World Wide Developer Conference.

ICloud Drive is a cloud-based storage facility for all kinds of files, and once stored, you can access them from iPads, iPhones, or any other iOS device.

When you upload a from your desktop, for instance, you can tag the file however you like, and CloudDrive will share it automatically with all of you Apple devices.

Apple’s mail app also gets a handy new cloud tool with iCloud. If you need to send a group of files that’s too big for the recipient’s email server, the new mail feature encrypts and compresses the email content and sends it up to the cloud. The recipient is then sent an email containing a link that can be used pull the content down from the cloud.

So you can now send upload attachments of up to 5GBs in size.

More to come from WWDC.