Thanks to the mobile revolution, we probably all have hundreds of blurry, self-taken, and horribly off-center pictures of ourselves. Looking for something a bit impressive? How about a little statue of yourself?

Shapify can do just that, and all it needs from you is a Kinect, the motion-sensing camera for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 video game consoles and PC. As long as you have the equipment to plug your Kinect into your computer, you can then use it to take a bunch of pictures of yourself from different angles that’ll essentially scan your body. Using that data, Shapify will 3D print your $80 selfie figurine.

So, of course, it’s a bit more expensive than taking a free bathroom mirror picture, but I can already think of about a dozen obnoxious things I’d like to do with a little statue of me. I can use it as my own game piece in any board game. I could put it on the top of other people’s wedding cakes. Or I could even just spend hours admiring the delicate curves of my miniature body.

Hell, maybe I can get real weird and use them as gifts. It’s your birthday? Have a little statue of me. Merry Christmas! Here’s your gift. It’s me. That just might be worth $80.