Here’s our roundup of all the notable funding news from today:

Zenefits takes $66.5M

Payroll and benefits software company Zenefits announced today that it has raised $66.5 million in a second round of institutional funding. This round is coming in only a few months after its first round in January and less than a year and a half after its launch. Zenefits makes cloud-based software that takes care of companies’ payroll and other HR administrative tasks. Cofounder Parker Conrad started Zenefits after realizing how much of a hassle the old way of managing these things was while at his previous startup SigFig.

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Offerpop gets $15M

Your “friends” and “followers” may not always care about the crap you post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, but big brands sure do — and marketing software startup Offerpop helps them take advantage of that content. Today Offerpop announced $15 million in new funding. The startup makes cloud-based tools that help consumer brands find and capitalize on relevant social content, from Instagram photos and Vine videos to tweets and Tumblr rants.

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Driptech takes $225K

Driptech, a startup focused on building better irrigation systems in areas that don’t have much water, has raised just under $225,000, according to an SEC form D filed today. The startup is seeking up to $750,000 in the funding round, with most of that yet to be sold.

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