Online game publisher Trion Worlds has launched its Glyph hub for promoting online games.

The Glyph hub will make a curated collection of games available to Trion’s 10 million registered players, who have played titles such as Rift or Defiance. Those games include Trion’s own titles as well as those from third-party partners.

At the outset, players will have access to titles including Versus Evil’s The Banner Saga, Nordic Games’ The Book of Unwritten Tales (deluxe) and The Raven (deluxe), Frogdice’s Dungeon of Elements and ReignMaker, and InXile Entertainment’s Wasteland 2 (early access).

Trion said it will keep looking for games that players will get engaged with and it will look for developers with both passion and promise. The company said it invests millions of dollars in marketing and promotion every year, and the Glyph games will get the benefit of that by becoming more discoverable.

Glyph delivers games that are free from digital rights management utilities, and single-player games will not require an always-on connection in order to be played. Trion wants Glyph to be both developer and player friendly. For Trion, it’s a way to make money from investments it has made in its gamer network.

Developers can contact Trion at