The embattled live TV streaming service Aereo can now be accessed on the living room TV using Google’s Chomecast.

In order to use Aereo’s technology with Chromecast, users will download the Aereo app for Android in the Google Play store. Then they can just choose Aereo on the TV and the “cast” icon will appear in the app.

Aereo lets people within a set local region stream and record video content that’s freely broadcast over the air. It does this by using tiny antennas for each person that subscribes to the service. Aereo lets users save programs to a hosted DVR or pause, rewind, and fast-forward while watching live.

Aereo membership begins at $8 per month for access to Aereo’s cloud-based antenna/DVR technology and 20 hours of DVR storage. Another $4 per month gets you an additional 60 hours of DVR storage.

Big media companies that own broadcast TV stations say access to the over-the-air content isn’t free, and they have taken Aereo to court many times over the last year citing copyright infringement. The battle eventually ended up in the Supreme Court.

Aereo service is currently available to viewers in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Antonio, and Austin. Aereo plans to launch in additional cities throughout 2014.

Chromecast is Google’s ultra low-cost ($35) streaming device that allows users to push whatever they’re watching on your mobile device or laptop to your television screen.

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