Developers will soon have their crack at Google’s 3D mapping initiative with a new 7-inch tablet.

Google today announced the Project Tango Tablet Development Kit, a $1,024 tiny slate with embedded motion tracking and depth sensing. It’s basically a larger version of the prototype Tango smartphone Google has been showing off for the past few months.

Powered by Nvidia’s new K1 mobile processor, the tablet is meant to give developers a taste of what’s possible with Tango, Google’s push to make seamless 3D mapping a reality. At its most basic level, Project Tango could allow you to realistically capture 3D spaces. But it could also lead to huge advances in things like facial recognition and computer imaging.

The tablet’s price and specs — including a 120-degree front facing camera and 128 GB of storage (surprisingly high for a tablet) — makes it a strange beast. It’s clearly not meant for consumers.

Developers can sign up today to get their hands on one of these Tango tablets. Google will allow select developers to purchase the dev kit on Google Play later this month, and Google I/O attendees will also have a chance to purchase one.