Russia’s one of those places where people could benefit from more privacy protections for their digital conversations.*

Fortunately, anonymous messaging app Secret is rumored to be teaming up with Russia’s largest social network VKontakte (aka Russia’s Facebook) on a new set of secure communication features, reports TNW.

TNW’s sources indicate that the Secret integration into VK won’t just be limited to pulling in a person’s address book; it will also use that social data to add “a new dimension” to the service. What that is exactly, we don’t know. My guess is that the tools will give you a greater degree of control over how secure your communications are, even if you’re not entirely anonymous.

Secret, a San Francisco-based company that launched back in January, has proved to be a wildly popular messaging application due to its users being able to confidently communicate without revealing their identity. It launched in international markets back in April and has been picking up steam in Russia ever since.

We’re reaching out to Secret for confirmation about the VK partnership and will update this post with any new information.

* Yes I realize we’re still digging into all the unsavory spying business from our own NSA, but I just watched Anthony Bourdain’s Russia episode on CNN where people on camera spoke a little too carefully when asked about government surveillance.