Two years ago, the Apple-loving folks over at GitHub finally made their product available for Windows as a desktop app.

Today, they’ve decided to give that desktop app some new love by adding a sidebar of your local repositories for quicker access and management, and by adding even more of the traditional GitHub features such as being able to include emojis and GIFs in commit messages.

The sidebar shows local repositories at a glance, saving you the trouble of having to navigate to a different screen. From this sidebar, you can also create, clone, and publish repositories.

The repositories are organized by where they originated, making it easy to distinguish between personal projects and the shared, GitHub Enterprise ones you work with for your job.

GitHub for Windows 2.0 gif

Users can now find more of the browser-based GitHub features in the Windows desktop app, including being able to add emoji and GIFs to commit messages — one of the more hardcore GitHub features, of course.

When GitHub first released its Windows app, one motivation was the significant amount of enterprise development still happening on Windows.

But it also did it because plenty of GitHub users are also Windows users (even some of GitHub’s employees), so why not make GitHub’s tools available on their desktops too?

“It was definitely motivated by the trouble people were having,” cofounder Chris Wanstrath said to us when the Windows product first launched.

“Our philosophy is that we wanted [the desktop app] to be by Windows developers for Windows developers,” said Wanstrath. “That’s been our success so far — the things we create, we want to use ourselves.”

Back then, Wanstrath also assured us that the company would be dedicated to making sure the Windows app and tools were given as much attention and resources — if not more — than the Mac version, a promise GitHub seems to have kept as it regularly releases updates.

Take a quick trip to GitHub’s blog to get the full lowdown on these updates.