LOS ANGELES — Sony said today that Google will bring its YouTube video service to the PlayStation Network starting later this year.

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show in Los Angeles, Sony said that 95 percent of PlayStation 4 video game console users get on the network. And they have played 1 billion multiplayer sessions, according to Shawn Laydon, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. Players have logged 1.25 billion hours on PSN.

And a lot of users want to record those multiplayer sessions. About 220 million videos have been shared via the share button on the PlayStation 4 controller. Now they will be able to upload their game videos to YouTube as well. You can see the videos uploaded by friends in the activity feed that displays in the user interface of the console.

In addition, players can spectate the game sessions of friends via the Twitch and Ustream services. About 150 million sessions have already been viewed. And those players can warn you, “Look out behind you,” with the chat features built in to the system.

“We can redefine what social gaming means,” Laydon said.

He also said that 25 free-to-play games, including Sony Online Entertainment’s massively-multiplayer first-person shooter Planetside 2, will be coming to PSN.