LOS ANGELES — Sony announced a pretty sweet deal for fans of Ubisoft’s Far Cry series. When you buy Far Cry 4, other PlayStation Network players get to play for free, even if they haven’t purchased the game.

Adam Boyes, the vice president of publisher and developer relations at Sony, made the announcement at Sony’s press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) today, the big game tradeshow in Los Angeles. He said the deal is available only on PlayStation. That’s a big ouch for Microsoft’s Xbox fans. Ubisoft showed off the game for the first time today at its own press event.

Boyes made the announcement after Ubisoft showed off more of the action-adventure shooter game at the Sony event. In the newest level, Ubisoft showed some crazy gameplay, such as the capability to call in mercenaries to help you. The mercenary arrives in a single-engine aircraft, and you hop aboard. You can then fire off a machine gun at a big compound, liberating some elephants in the meantime. The pachyderms go crazy, stampeding into a bunch of the enemies on the ground. It’s a fun scene that had lots of folks in the room laughing.

Far Cry 4 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PCs later this year.