Now firmly in the music streaming business, Apple is starting to clamp down on shady music apps in the App Store.

More specifically, Apple is yanking any iOS app that allows users to download music or movies from sites like YouTube and SoundCloud, MacRumors reports. In our own tests, App Store searches for music apps returned mostly streaming services and music companion services.

This decision is hardly surprising; Apple’s guidelines usually don’t allow for downloading copyrighted music except by legal means through digital venues like the Apple’s iTunes store. And with those restrictions in place, users who want access to a larger library of music may be more enticed to sign up for Apple’s Beats Music at the recently reduced price of $10 per month or Apple’s free ad-supported iTunes Radio service.

The app store tidying might also have something to do with Apple preparing to launch iOS 8, the latest version of its operating system. Why not get rid of a bunch of competing apps — including questionable services — before unveiling a shiny new operating system?