Whew! While first “official” day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo is today, most of the big news came yesterday during the big hardware and game publishers’ press briefings in Los Angeles.

We saw lots of announcements and trailers yesterday from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony about games, hardware, and even television shows. But maybe you’ve already forgotten some details? Or you worked too late last night to catch up.

Here are links to GamesBeat’s coverage of each of the major press briefings from Monday.


Microsoft abused our eyes with green lights and green carpets, but we survived to bring you all if the biggest news from its media briefing that kicked off a week of huge game announcements.


Electronic Arts, one of the world’s largest third-party publishers, came to Los Angeles with Star Wars and Battlefield.


Ubisoft gathered the gaming media together in a theater in downtown Los Angeles to present its upcoming lineup of software, headlined by Far Cry 4.


Sony once again piled the games industry into an aging stadium in Los Angeles to announce its upcoming lineup of games.