Right on the heels of its revamped interface for consumers, PayPal is giving its business customers a visual upgrade.

PayPal announced today that it will start rolling out a new interface design for businesses that is more intuitive and focused on tools businesses may actually want to use. Also, the site no longer looks like it was designed a decade ago.

PayPal based many of its interface changes on customer feedback, the company’s director of Global Product Launch, Matt Gromada, said in an interview. That led PayPal to highlight things like requesting money, sending money, and offering refunds easily while looking at your most recent activity. Best of all, those ugly tabs and confusing drop down menus from PayPal’s old design are gone for good.

Business users can also easily find a slew of insights around their customers. For example, if your products are huge in Europe, you may want to start advertising there more. PayPal is also offering aggregated insights (based on its transaction history, as well as eBay’s) for its biggest customers, which will allow them to see how they compare to peers. Eventually, those high-level insights could make their way to smaller businesses.

The news comes just a day after PayPal lost its president, David Marcus, to Facebook. Marcus helped accelerate PayPal’s product development and pushed the company to simplify its offerings. Over the past few years, PayPal launched a slick mobile app for consumers and an easy-to-use SDK for developers. With Marcus gone, it’ll be interesting to see if PayPal can keep evolving its products so quickly.