Ross Levinsohn, a known name in Internet and media circles, has made his exit from Guggenheim Digital Media after failing to acquire a popular streaming service, namely Vevo or Hulu.

Guggenheim Digital Media is an investment firm and part of Guggenheim Partners, which manages what it says is $171 billion in Guggenheim family assets.

Levinsohn landed there last January. He was charged with investing in digital properties and watching over Prometheus Global Media, a publishing group featuring such titles as the Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, and Adweek.

Levinsohn is impressive on paper. Before the Guggenheim gig, Levinsohn was interim CEO of Yahoo (where he was also not very effective) and president of News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Group.

Levinsohn sits on the boards of the Tribune Company, Zefr, and Millennial Media, and he is active in investing in media and digital startups.

And, as Re/code’s Kara Swisher points out, Levinsohn’s hair still looks great.

Source: Re/code