Comic book fans and gamers will be pleased to hear that Sony is producing a new original TV series called Powers for PlayStation based on the Powers comic books series published by Icon (Marvel’s creator-owned imprint).

Sony made the announcement yesterday at the E3 conference in Las Vegas.

Powers is based on the long-running superhero/crime comic book from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Odeming. When I say “Superhero/crime” I mean it, as the series focuses on a detective who is charged with solving crimes that involve people with super powers. (Hence the name.) This should satisfy the cult of TV watching fans who love police procedural dramas as well as comic geeks who will pay full price to see sub-par movies like Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters.

The move is just the latest example of technology companies trying to produce original content to bait new customers into using their services. For instance, Microsoft updated the crowd at E3 last night on progress of its upcoming Halo TV show, which is just one of many series planned for the company’s Xbox Live platform.

As for Powers, the series will tentatively be available in December. PlayStation Network customers will get the first episode of the series for free, while those with a PlayStation Plus subscription will gain access to the entire series.

Sony also said it plans to produce more original content in the near future, including a Ratchet & Clank original film due out in 2015.