It’s finally on the Web: Pinterest’s Guided Search feature, which helps you figure out what you’d like to find when you’re not even sure what you’re looking for to begin with.

Pinterest, a social network on which people gather mostly images into various collections, originally announced the feature in April, first rolling it out on mobile.

“Guided search will help you discover when you didn’t know how to ask for things to begin with,” said Pinterest cofounder and chief executive Ben Silbermann back in April.

As a refresher, Guided Search works like this: If you’re not entire sure what you’re looking for, start typing the closest or first thing you think of, and Pinterest will start suggesting categories and keywords that either start with the same letters or are related to these possible keywords.

As suggested categories and words come up, you can start narrowing down your search by adding whichever ones you see and like. For example, you can start typing “dessert,” then pick out “cake,” “decorations,” and “yellow” — you’d end up with pins fitting into those concepts.

“It’s focused on discovery rather than finding,” said Naveen Gavini, who worked on the Guided Search feature, back in April.

Pinterest is first rolling out the feature in English to everyone in the next few weeks, with more languages coming soon.