There is no shortage of streaming music services available, which means underdogs like Beats Music need to step up their game to grab the attention from music fans.

Beats is doing this through a series of exclusive tracks that can only be heard via the Beats Music service for a short period of time, reports The Verge.

The latest of these tracks, released today, is a remix of the song “Jungle,” which features rap mogul Jay-Z. It’ll be available exclusively on Beats for about a week before becoming available elsewhere. (And by elsewhere, I’m assuming you’ll be able to purchase the track on iTunes but not listen to it on another streaming music service.)

A week is a pretty decent amount of time to keep something exclusive. It’s just long enough to generate a bit of buzz and excitement for those either using Beats Music or thinking of signing up. Any longer and you’d risk people pirating it. The move also show us the possible role “exclusives” will play within music services.

It’ll be interesting to see if this helps Beats grow from a mere 250,000 paying subscribers to somewhere closer to Spotify’s 10 million paying subscribers.