Mobile gaming is already a huge market, but the platform’s popularity becomes even clearer when a former console developer creates an app for iOS.

That developer is LightBox Interactive, who previously worked on PlayStation exclusives like Twisted Metal: Black, Warhawk, and Starhawk. This Thursday it releases PlunderNauts, a free-to-play space combat game for iOS devices. This is LightBox’s first mobile release.

“With an unprecedented explosions-per-second rate, the space combat app combines skill-based gameplay and simple, real-time controls with a deep loot system and customizable starships,” states a press release sent to GamesBeat from publisher Backflip Studios.

Backflip Studios is responsible for past mobile hits Army of Darkness: Defense, Ragdoll Blaster, Paper Toss, and Dragonvale. Last year, Hasbro paid $112 million for a majority stake in the studio.

“My core team knows how to make games, but we know jackshit about mobile games,” said Dylan Jobe, the head of LightBox, in a previous interview with GamesBeat. “We had an idea to put a visceral explosion experience into mobile. We tried to distill and epic mobile space battle into discrete mobile experiences.”

“In seeing a console team go to work on this, we saw a concept and level of quality that we hadn’t seen in the mobile market yet,” Backflip founder Julian Farrior told us. “We think the big win is in investing in your ship and going out to fight together.”

You can download PlunderNauts on your iOS devices this Thursday.