The winner of a $10,000 Hearthstone tournament faces accusations of cheating, but the tournament organizers decided not to take action.

It all happened yesterday, when Radu “RDU” Dima beat Jason “Amaz” Chan in the final round of the DreamHack tournament in Jönköping, Sweden. However, Reddit users posted pictures that revealed that Radu allegedly had in-game friends sending him messages that revealed his opponent’s hand, as Kotaku originally reported. In a skill-based card battler like Hearthstone, knowing your opponent’s potential moves is a huge advantage.

DreamHack’s organizers say that the information Radu received, whether wanted or not, would not have affected the match. They’re permitting the victory to stand.

Radu defended himself on Reddit, claiming that he never asked his friends for this information and that they offered it without his permission. In fact, he claimed the person who told him about Amaz’s hand was just some random person who sent him a friend request.

Amaz, for his part, made a statement in a YouTube video [below], saying that he doesn’t believe that Radu cheated and asked his fans to leave him alone.