Oyster is going cross-platform. The e-book startup has finally launched its Android app, bringing its all-you-can-read subscription service to all Android devices, including the Kindle Fire and Nook HD tablets.

Since Oyster launched its iOS app last fall, the number-one feature request has been Android support, the company said in a blog post. So it spent the past several months building an app “from the ground up” that takes advantage of the mobile OS’ unique capabilities.

The Android crowd can flip Oyster books’ pages by pressing the volume buttons on their devices, a feature that isn’t available in the iOS app. There’s also a new set of themes, fonts, and other refinements, which are also coming to iOS today.

Oyster doesn’t release numbers for its overall subscriber base, but Nielsen reported in May that the service has the largest share of the unlimited-subscription book service market. That puts it ahead of Scribd, which offers a similar service across iOS, Android, and the web. (Oyster says it’s planning to launch a web app later this year.)

The Oyster service costs $10 per month, which nets subscribers access to more than 500,000 books. A good portion of those titles come from HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster, two of the five major publishers, with some smaller publishers rounding out the catalog.

Oyster has raised $17 million in funding to date and currently has roughly two dozen employees.