Harley-Davidson released a new YouTube video yesterday teasing what would appear to be a new electric-powered motorcycle.

The company is expected to announce the milestone electric motorcycle at some point today but has thus far not confirmed the news. The move by a classic motorcycle company like Harley-Davidson into the realm of electric-powered vehicles is a pretty big deal, assuming the rumors are true. And many will be paying close attention to see if consumers actually buy them, given that these wouldn’t be your classic, macho Harleys.

As you can hear from the video, there’s a high-pitched whizzing sound coming from a passing motorbike. I would say it most closely resembles the Imperial speeder bikes from Star Wars. To most hardcore bikers, this still might not be as appealing as the loud versions they grew up with — but it’s still pretty cool.

It’ll also be interesting to see if Harley-Davidson takes advantage of Elon Musk’s recent open invitation to infringe on Tesla’s electric vehicle patents. For a closer look at the teaser, check out the video from Harley-Davidson embedded below.

Via The Verge