Immersive gaming is wonderful, but maybe sometimes we just shouldn’t.

Take the PP Gun controller for first-person shooter games as an example. Peripheral design company Mieeo of Shenzhen, China introduced the PP Gun on Kickstarter this week. It’s a gun-shaped controller that you can use to play shooting games on your iPad or Android tablet. You simply strap your tablet onto the end of it, wave the plastic assault rifle around to aim, and pull the trigger … only don’t do that if you’re outside or within eyesight of other people. The Kickstarter is ongoing now, and it’s looking to raise $60,000 — it’s currently at nearly $2,500 with just 18 backers.

Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t use this. I’m just saying that it would scare my family if they saw me spinning in circles as I repeatedly pulled the trigger and starred with deadly intent into a 10-inch tablet display.

Here, check out the guy at about the 25-second mark in this video. Tell me he doesn’t look a bit scary (the military vest doesn’t help):

The PP Gun features a number of other control options in addition to the trigger. It has an analog stick on the left hand side near the front of the muzzle. A number of buttons are also around the area where your hand rests around the trigger.

In addition to mobile, the PP Gun also supports PC, but you may not want to use it for those kinds of games. As Mieeo charmingly puts it on its Kickstarter page: “If you are using a fixed screen for the game, then you will become as embarrassing as the [below] chart.”

How embarrassing?!

Above: How embarrassing?!

Image Credit: Mieeo