Xbox One is cool on the coasts, but the heartland belongs to PlayStation 4.

The gaming-friendly folks over at the Movoto blog, which takes an irreverent look at real estate and pop culture, went through the data to figure out which console is the most popular in the United States: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Wii U? To figure it out, Movoto checked to see which system had the most Likes in each state on Facebook. It turns out that Microsoft’s machine has a bit of advantage — even if that hasn’t helped it outsell the PlayStation 4.

The Xbox One was the clear winner in 22 states while PS4 was the favorite in 19. No, that doesn’t mean the Wii U won the other 9 — the remaining states were too close to call.

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“What’s really interesting is that Xbox One, with a few exceptions, seems more popular on each of the coasts while PS4 has created a strong following in the heartland,” Movoto writer Andy Eddy wrote. “It’s clear Xbox One has a solid fan base in bigger states, such as California, New York, and Texas.”

Now, Movoto isn’t conducting scientific research, but these results are still interesting. Maybe this says more about the success of Microsoft’s social-media campaign than anything else. If that’s the case, it also reveals that social-media presence doesn’t necessarily translate into success at retail.

When you consider each box on its own, however, it looks like most of the love is coming from the same places for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Movoto found that Nevada had the largest percentage of fans for both consoles while Mississippi was the least excited for both.

xbox-map ps4-map


My guess is that everyone in Nevada is looking for something to do that isn’t in Las Vegas, which explains their excitement for console gaming … and I won’t hazard any guesses about Mississippi’s lack of enthusiasm for our fine hobby.