Fingerprint makes the type of apps parents love — and DreamWorks Animation is a big fan of them, too.

Kids’ app developer Fingerprint has raised $10.85 million in new funding, the company announced today. Its press release declined to mention the investors by name, but DreamWorks led the round, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company develops apps like “Kids Learn Mandarin” and “Wonder Bunny Math Race,” and it also publishes submissions from third-party developers who use its software development kit. The company currently has about 250 apps across all of its app networks and expects to reach 600 by the end of the year.

Operating app networks is a key component of Fingerprint’s market strategy. These networks have separate accounts for parents and kids, enabling parents to track app usage, educational progress, and control purchases.

Fingerprint has its own service, which has around three million users, but it also operates branded networks for Samsung, Sylvan Learning Center, and Malaysian media firm Astro Malaysia Holdings. Fingerprint plans to partner with investors for additional kid networks soon — so don’t be surprised if DreamWorks gets its own network, too.

Book publisher Reed Elsevier and media firm Corus Entertainment also contributed to Fingerprint’s new funding round alongside DreamWorks. Corus was an early Fingerprint investor, pouring $7.75 million into the app maker back in August 2012.

Fingerprint is based in San Francisco, Calif. It currently has 26 employees.