Google finally unveiled its plans to dominate the living room with Android TV yesterday. Today, developers are showing off the games they hope will dominate your time on that platform.

Android TV is the latest fork of Google’s mobile operating system. The company reworked the technology for televisions and simple directional input devices, and it will start rolling out in set-top boxes and TV sets later this year from a number of different companies. While Android TV will serve up your video content, Google also showed off mobile games running on the device at its I/O developer conference yesterday in San Francisco. Now, developers like Glu, HandyGames, and more are announcing their support for the platform. Many of these games will support Android TV in addition to Amazon’s competing Fire TV, which are fighting to bring mobile games to the living room.

“Android TV offers developers like Glu a meaningful way to extend high-fidelity, action gameplay to players in the living room,” Glu vice president of Android Sourabh Ahuja said. “We are pleased to see the Google Play ecosystem evolving in a way that expands Glu’s addressable audience and allows for further gameplay innovation. We anticipate a positive player response to Google’s Android TV.”

While Android TV is technically capable of running any game from Google’s Play market, developer support will help the platform because most touch games won’t translate well to physical controllers. With that in mind, Glu revealed that its hunting sim Deer Hunter 2014 and role-playing game Eternity Warriors 2 are both available on Android TV immediately with full controller support.

HandyGames posted on its Facebook page that it is “one of the first developer on the new smart TV platform.” The company is showing off releases like its Super Party Sports Football running on Android TV at Google I/O this week.

Here are a few additional games already optimized for Android TV:

  • Leo’s Fortune; platforming game from developer Senri.
  • NBA Jam: arcade-sports release from Electronic Arts.
  • Soul Calibur: fighting game from Namco Bandai.
  • RipTide GP2: watercraft racer from Vector Unit.
  • Clarc: adventure game from GoldenTricycle.
  • Cordy: platformer from SilverTree Media.

​All-New Android TV in Action​ at Google I/O