Are you eager to ceremonially commit a lifetime of love to your soul mate, but really (really) busy? Well then, car sharing startup Uber has a promotion for you. In honor of Pride week, Uber is holding a one-day only service that promises a one click, fast-track wedding that sends out a limo, band, food, flowers, and legal documents.

In, as Uber promises “From arrival to I do will take 45-60 min”.

In case you weren’t planning on a wedding, Uber recommends telling your loved ones. “Your wedding can be as large or as intimate as you’d like, so let your family and friends know if you intend to request.”

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As an added bonus, they’ve partnered with Hotel Tonight and Alaskan Airlines to cover the costs of your shotgun nuptials. “In the spirit of the season, there’s no charge for the ceremony and your honeymoon is covered, too.

Well, what are you waiting for, love birds? The promotion is available for limited time offer from noon to 6 pm on Saturday, June 26. “Demand may be high, so if you’re not confirmed on the first try, keep at it!”

As the great philosopher, Peter Griffin, once said, “There’s gotta be someplace in America where you can take a solemn spiritual ceremony that begins a lifetime commitment and blow through it in about 20 minutes.”

Welcome to Silicon Valley. Weddings: disrupted.