Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is making its 16th early-stage fund and its second Digital Growth fund official.

The firm is raising $1.2 billion to invest in startups, with $450 million for an early-stage fund and $750 million for the digital growth fund, according to documents filed today with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Neither fund has raised any money yet. The firm declined to respond to VentureBeat’s request for comment.

Several other high-profile venture firms have been raising new funds lately. Last week, Khosla Ventures submitted a filing for its next $1 billion fund. Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, and True Ventures have closed funds of their own in recent months.

Some of Kleiner’s recent investments include Crossbar, ClearStory DataCloudPhysics, mCube, Puppet Labs, and ZenPayroll.

Google has brought Kleiner some good news in recent months. First, in January, Google said it was buying Nest. And last week, Google, through Nest, announced plans to buy Dropcam. Together, the purchases of the two Kleiner portfolio companies came out to more than $3.75 billion.

Such exits could give a positive spin to Kleiner after questions about roles within the firm and the value of Kleiner’s series of cleantech startup investments.

The filing for Kleiner’s newest early-stage fund lists Michael Abbott, John Doerr, Randy Komisar, Ted Schlein, and Beth Seidenberg as the partners leading fund No. 16. The new fund was first discovered back in October, thanks to leaked memos to the limited partners explaining the firm’s decision to move to raising a smaller, more focused fund, and naming those five partners.

The digital fund lists John Doerr, Mary Meeker, and Ted Schlein as the fund’s partners.

Reporter Jordan Novet contributed reporting.