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The work Sitecore has done in their latest marketing study will surely change the way you run your business, particularly the way you run your digital marketing campaigns. This whitepaper is where you’ll find the can’t-live-without and career-changing insights needed to succeed in digital marketing today. A survey of 330 marketers and web developers reveals the challenges facing a constantly evolving industry.

Some key takeaways you’ll enjoy in this whitepaper include:

Digital Marketing on the Rise

Over the past several years, marketing has become increasingly complex. This can be contributed, in part, to the ongoing introduction of new technology and sophisticated customer targets. There is also an endless array of ways for marketers to communicate with customers. Organizations across all industries are now facing the challenge of integrating digital into broader marketing programs.

Marketers Faced with Too Many Tools

Today’s marketers must be familiar with a number of new and evolving ways to optimize the value and performance of digital marketing to target audiences. A majority of digital marketers are using multiple platforms, making it difficult to deliver a seamless customer experience. Multiple channels and touch points are one of the challenges facing marketing professionals.

Predictive Analytics for the Future

Predictive analytics is at the top of the list for marketers to take advantage of in the next 12 months. As of today, a majority of digital marketers are not fully utilizing predictive analytics, but most recognize the importance of data that anticipates customer preferences and needs. Predictive analytics will become a bigger priority in the coming year.

Return on Investment

The top way to measure digital campaign success is the return on investment. Marketers still use website traffic, conversions, and new leads as the number one ROI measurement, but management also takes new sales and KPIs aligned with business objectives into account. Digital marketing campaigns have to consider all aspects in order to be most successful.

How do you measure the success of your latest digital marketing campaign? If you’re looking for an overview of the channels, tools, return on investment, and barriers to digital marketing success, then it’s time to download Sitecore’s latest survey. The online survey was conducted for Sitecore by First Point Research & Consulting during October 2013. The results from this robust survey may help you put a finger on the pulse of digital marketing in your company.

Find the survey here.

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