Looks like Link could use a love link. Yup, this installment of GamesBeat’s dating site for video game characters, Extra Hearts, is all about the hero of The Legend of Zelda. Link has always served as the star of the franchise (well, so far), but how does he get a date when he’s not rescuing princesses and exploring dungeons?

Don’t worry, it’s not a secret to everybody (heh, I did a thing with that quote). We’ll let you peek at Link’s dating site profile right now.

Extra Hearts: Link

Likes: Horses, music, archery, and explosives.

Dislikes: Water temples.

Faith: I believe in the three Golden Goddesses of Hyrule, but especially the green one. Green’s the best.

Most interesting thing about me: I once traveled through time and screwed up my world’s chronology so bad that someone had to write a book just to explain it.

Our first date: I’ll take you anywhere you want to go. Seriously, anywhere. We could even go into some random guy’s house and break all his pots. And then I’ll take you home and walk you back to your door, because it’s dangerous to go alone.

You should message me if: You have the last piece to my heart.


Extra Hearts: Link

Extra Hearts: Link

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