What’s more accurate than a “smart rifle” that only fires a bullet when you line the scope up with the intended target? Well, a smart rifle with a pair of Android-powered ski goggles, of course — one that makes shooting a weapon feel more like a video game than ever before.

The smart rifle comes from Austin, Texas-based startup TrackingPoint, which specializes in what it refers to as “precision guided firearms” — and these will only set you back about $10,000.

And as you can see in the video, TrackingPoint decided to improve upon the firing experience by incorporating a wearable gadget (the ski goggles) that runs the startup’s Shotview app. Basically, the team decided to stream a live video feed from the scope into the goggles to make a “no look” shot at 500 yards. Yes, that means you don’t even need to look into the scope to get an accurate shot.

It looks like a first-person shooter video game — except it’s real, which is frightening. Check out the video embedded below for a closer look.