AppFlood, a real-time mobile ad network focused on China, is partnering with Singapore’s Bidstalk to provide more mobile ad and app monetization alternatives for developers moving into the Chinese market.

A division of PapayaMobile, AppFlood will be working with Bidstalk’s white-label demand-side platform, which helps advertisers to buy ad inventory in real-time and on a large scale. Bidstalk creates white-label solutions so advertisers can get a custom solution, and it already processes more than 10 billion advertising bids a day.

This deal will bring the two networks of the companies together. AppFlood will increase Bidstalk’s reach across China and Asia, while Bidstalk will increase AppFlood’s mobile ad inventory on a global basis. As a real-time bidding network, AppFlood facilitates the buying and selling of online ad impressions through real-time auctions that occur in the time it takes for a webpage to load.

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AppFlood launched its mobile real-time bidding platform in April with a focus on China.

Chris Hanage, the general manager EMEA at AppFlood, said he’s excited to have Bidstalk on-board given its fast growth over the past six months.

“China has some of the most successful and fastest growing mobile and lifestyle brands in the world, and they are focused on expanding into new markets through mobile advertising,” Hanage said. “At the same time, China’s 700 million smartphone users are an untapped market for Western brands and companies. By partnering with Bidstalk, we have not only increased AppFlood’s global reach, but Bidstalk’s customers will now be able to deliver truly global campaigns thanks to our ability to connect than to this rapidly growing Chinese mobile audience.”

Vipul Jain, the CMO and cofounder of Bidstalk, said in a statement that the partnership with AppFlood to boost its access to premium inventory in China and across Asia was an important part of its growth plans. Bidstalk has grown rapidly since launching its white-label mobile DSP solution in February.

“Since our launch just six months ago, we’ve identified emerging markets across Asia as a focus area to continue our rapid growth,” Jain said. “We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for Asian inventory from our advertising partners, and AppFlood’s RTB platform will help us meet that demand.”