Civilization takes to the stars this fall.

Take-Two Interactive’s 2K Games and Firaxis Games announced that Civilization: Beyond Earth will hit stores globally on Oct. 24 on the Windows PC.

Beyond Earth is the latest installment in the Civilization series and is a kind of spiritual successor to the Alpha Centauri game that Firaxis created way back in 1999. In the new game, humanity leaves the global warming on Earth to colonize space. You have to create an expedition that explores new planets and settles in the face of alien threats.

Players can lead different factions that battle for control of the planet, as well as contend with alien life. They can opt for new gameplay possibilities such as nonlinear technological progression, deeper customization of factions, and unique alien worlds. Players will establish a cultural identity, select a leader, and sponsor an expedition by assembling the spacecraft, cargo, and colonists. Those starting choices will directly impact starting conditions when arriving on a new planet. The alien world will have its own ecosystem, dangerous terrain, mystical resources, and hostile lifeforms. Players will have to build outposts, unearth ancient alien relics, tame new forms of life, develop flourishing cities, and establish trade routes to create prosperity for their people.

Civ games are turn-based strategy titles that always seem to get folk playing just “one more turn” before they go to sleep, so you can see the outcome of your strategic moves.

The company said that fans who preorder the game from participating retailers will receive the Exoplanets Map Pack at launch. That includes six custom maps inspired by real exoplanets. The title won “Best Strategy Title” from the E3 Game Critics Awards.

Overall, it’s a good time for the franchise. Civilization Revolution 2 hit iOS yesterday as a mobile version of the series.

Here’s a new gameplay walkthrough from Firaxis below.