Google’s plan to dominate the mobile operating system market through an ecosystem of hardware manufacturers is paying off. According to analytics firm, ABI, Android devices shipped on 4 times more phones than Apple (44 percent versus 10 percent).

Apple, however, has the top device, with nearly 33 percent more phones shipped than the closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Poor Blackberry isn’t more than a rounding error, with around 750,000 OS devices shipped compared to Android’s 187 million.

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ABI estimation of total shipped phones generally fits with Android’s continued rise to dominance over the years and BlackBerry’s plummeting decline.

“Interestingly, basic mobile phones lost five percent market share, and Android picked up almost all of these users, suggesting Android is set to gain almost all of the billions of mobile subscribers still upgrading to smartphones. Certainly, Android looks set to completely dominate the high growth developing markets and increase its market share still further,” explained Nick Spencer of ABI.

Apple may have the top device, but in the race to conquer most of the phone-wielding world, Google may be on top.

For those who love the raw numbers, I include them below from ABI: