Sharknado: The Video Game is real. The universe is obviously pleased with us and is giving us this reward.

SyFy, the science-fiction cable network, is teaming up with publisher Majesco to release an adaptation of the spectacularly terrible SyFy original Sharknado for iOS devices. Sharknado: The Video Game is an endless runner that will debut for iPhone and iPad prior to the July 30 release of Sharknado 2: The Second One on SyFy. NBA Rush developer Other Ocean Interactive is handling the production of movie-licensed game.

“When Majesco approached us about making a Sharknado game, we said ‘yes’ before they’d even finished asking,” Sharknado: The Video Game designer Frank Cifaldi said in a statement. “The game we came up with is very much in the spirit of the films: ridiculous, overblown, yet oddly sincere. We can’t wait for fans to sink their teeth into it.”

Since I can’t hope to capture the true power of something as amazing as Sharknado: The Video Game, I’ll let SyFy’s bullet points speak for themselves:

  • Run through the streets of Manhattan wielding a broadsword.
  • Bound off of the backs of tiger sharks to reach higher ground.
  • Feed buckets of fish to angry sharks to avoid death.
  • Surf New York’s flooded avenues, avoiding hammerhead shark stampedes.
  • Collect official Sharknado trading cards.
  • Grab a chain saw and fly into the heart of Sharknado, destroying it from the inside.

Sharknado, the movie, debuted in July 2013. It stars Hollywood celebutante Tara Reid and former Beverly Hills, 90210 cast member Ian Ziering in a film that is dumb and preposterous on purpose. It is about a tornado filled with sharks.