GE has revealed that it has developed a prototype device that can measure the number of calories in food. The news was published on its website June 30.

The prototype uses microwaves to measure calories, but food must be in a blended form to be accurately measured. Researchers claim they are working on a second device that will analyze calories in solid foods and send it to users’ smartphones, according to Technology Review.

Matt Webster, the researcher who created the prototype device at GE Research, believes it may eventually be incorporated into traditional microwaves. This would enable individuals to warm up food and receive a calorie count without having to divide their meals into separate portions to visually estimate their intake.

After up to 50 experiments, the calorie counts of food fed into the device were accurately predicted with a variation of only 5 percent to 10 percent, according to CNET. Webster said the prototype uses complex microwave fields and some algorithms to come up with its calorie readings.

Webster said he created the device after his wife asked him for a gift that could easily keep track of the calories in her food. Now, Webster’s invention may become a healthy gift to all of us.

Via: Gizmodo.