Mustachioed transportation startup Lyft is set to launch in New York this Friday, posing a direct threat to the firm’s chief competitor, Uber.

Early on, Lyft plans to only serve two of New York’s outer boroughs: Brooklyn and Queens, reports the NY Times. Commenting on the omission of Manhattan, Lyft chief executive John Zimmer said Brooklyn and Queens were chosen because “those are the areas that are most underserved by public transportation.”

Lyft customers will be able to take rides from Brooklyn and Queens into Manhattan, but Lyft will not initially accept requests made within Manhattan — even return rides. For those, you’ll have to take a taxi, a subway, or an Uber.

New York is currently Uber’s “biggest market,” according to Uber general manager Josh Mohrer. VentureBeat has reached out to Lyft and Uber for further comment on the matter.

Possibly in anticipation of Lyft’s launch, Uber yesterday cut the cost of its low-end UberX car service by 20 percent in New York.