The mech warfare of Titanfall expands with three new maps in the near future.

Developer Respawn revealed the details of its next map pack for the sci-fi shooter Titanfall. Frontier’s Edge hits the Xbox One and Xbox 360 version of the game soon (the studio has not revealed a date yet). The downloadable content hits the PC after that. The add-on is $10, but it also comes with the $25 Titanfall season pass along with the rest of the planned DLC.

Frontier’s Edge takes Titanfall players to Dig Site, Haven, and Export. Dig Site is a remote mining outpost. Haven is a resort on a futuristic beach. Export is a shipping and receiving hub built into the side of a mountain.

This is the second Titanfall map pack. Respawn released Expedition in May. It will release at least one more as part of its season pass.

Respawn has not yet released any gameplay video or images of the new maps, and we’ll share that with you as we get it.