Get ready for the latest trend in wearables: the total annihilation of privacy.

LG is gearing up to launch “KizON,” a wristband that plots a child’s every move via a built-in GPS sensor. The device is set to launch in South Korea this month and will arrive in the U.S. and Europe later on this year, according to the Guardian.

LG’s KizON device certainly isn’t the first of its kind. Kid and teen tracking devices have long existed for helicopter parents, including a similar bracelet that debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show and products like the iTeen365 car tracker.

But LG’s device stands out because of its remarkably friendly, mass-market design. It actually looks like something that could take off and forever impact the childhood of every kid it’s strapped to.

No matter how practical the device may be, at the very least it’s bound to leave many feeling uneasy about the future of parenting technology.

Check back with VentureBeat for updates as details on LG’s new tracking device emerge.

Via: Wired, Guardian.

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