Looks like the liveblogging world just got a bit cozier. ScribbleLive just announced its acquisition of CoverItLive from Demand Media. Both services will continue to operate as separate entities, even though they were once quite competitive with one another.

Both companies tried to create the “best” liveblogging platform a few years ago. This effort was halted abruptly when reigning champ WordPress created its own liveblog feature. Even so, ScribbleLive and CoverItLive lived to see another day by offering other content-creation and social media products.

According to Vincent Mifsud, Scribble Technologies’ CEO, the company has been doing well in 2014, expanding its international presence and releasing an enterprise-level product. Of the CoverItLive acquisition, Mifsud said in a statement, “[It] will help us accelerate our growth rate even further and exponentially increase our influence in the market.”

Now that both companies will be under the same roof, ScribbleLive will be in charge of engagement for a wide variety of customers, including several high-profile companies like the top three U.S. news networks, and several sports organizations including the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.
The details of the acquisition aren’t available at this time, with the deal in the midst of SEC regulation.
ScribbleLive got its start in January 2008 and is headquartered in Toronto. CoverItLive launched in 2007 and is currently based in Austin, Tex. Both will still operate as separate solutions, under their original branding for now. Eventually, however, they will be merged into a single, larger platform.