A site called ‘Hidden From Google‘ tracks search censorship in Europe, so you don’t have to.

The European Union Court of Justice created the “right to be forgotten law” to protect the privacy of individuals. Yet many believe Google’s forced removal of search terms threatens the freedom of speech. No matter where your opinion falls, one thing is certain: Numerous successful right-to-be-forgotten requests have already resulted in the amplification of stories some individuals wanted hidden. This phenomenon appears to be the very purpose of Hidden From Google.

Supported by reader tips — the site has received “hundreds” so far, according to the BBC — Hidden From Google considers its list “a way of archiving the actions of censorship on the Internet.”

“It is up to the reader to decide whether our liberties are being upheld or violated by the recent rulings by the EU,” the site’s About page reads.

Judging from the site, Google’s censored search terms vary greatly thus far; they range from the tumultuous history of Merrill Lynch to a story about a couple arrested for having sex on a public train. Lovely.

If your interest is piqued, give the site a look: Hidden From Google.