Crashyltics, the developer software that lets you know when your app has crashed, just unleashed a third feature to complete its comprehensive suite of tools. Called Answers, it sends regular reports detailing the successes and failures of your app and recommendations from the Crashlytics team.

The initial software logged application errors as well as crashes, reviewed problems against your virgin code via a cloud-based service, and offered condensed crash reports.

After being acquired by Twitter in January of last year, the company started diversifying its offerings. Crashlytics expanded to include Android apps and in May of this year, the company launched its beta testing services. Beta by Crashlytics tracks beta testers in a single dashboard, provides data for all versions of an app, and monitors developers working on the app.

It’s newest tool, Answers, goes beyond analytics to offer developers insights from the Crashlytics team. In addition to reports, the tool doles out opinions. “We’ll tell you this feature or section is falling out of norms. This feature is used well by other apps but not yours,” says Prashant Sridharan. “We point things out so you don’t have to go spelunking for data points.”

Despite the acquisition by Twitter, the software is still free. Crashlytics lists Orbitz, PayPal, Walmart, and Yelp among its users.