Game development studio to focus on mobile and HTML5 casual games

BOISE, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 17, 2014–

Seattle game industry veteran and former DoubleDown Interactive Director of Content Matthew Gillikin has launched Tanuki Entertainment, Inc. The indie game studio is focusing on mobile and HTML5 casual games and has four titles already available.

For a limited time, Genie of the Nile - GOLD will be available for free ($1.99 value) on the Apple A ...

For a limited time, Genie of the Nile – GOLD will be available for free ($1.99 value) on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon. (Photo: Business Wire)

Gillikin, a Seattle game industry veteran since 2001, has worked at Square-Enix, Nintendo, Microsoft, Gas Powered Games, GameHouse (a subsidiary of RealNetworks), and DoubleDown Interactive (DDI), a subsidiary of IGT. As the 13th employee and first Executive Producer at DDI, Gillikin’s initial responsibility was to take the blooming startup to the next level by defining a production methodology for the company and creating top-tier content for the DoubleDown Casino on Facebook. After being promoted to Director of Content at DDI, Gillikin led the team that defined and implemented the content strategy that would grow the DoubleDown Casino into one of the top three Facebook games to date.

Throughout his career, Gillikin has been involved with designing and sourcing some of the most innovative and financially successful casual games in the industry. This experience, combined with his deep knowledge of the casual games market and audience, compelled he and his wife, Susie Gillikin, to create Tanuki Entertainment.

“My experience in the game industry so far has allowed me to understand the business strategy and critical game features needed to create super fun mobile games that are also financially successful,” said Matthew Gillikin, President of Tanuki Entertainment. “I’m excited to take what I know, along with Susie’s operational skills, and apply it to Tanuki Entertainment and the booming mobile games market.”

Tanuki Entertainment currently has four titles:

  • Genie of the Nile – GOLD – A collection of four cosmic mini games (Past Life, Tarot Match, Mystic Crystal Ball and Horoscope) that give players their daily horoscope as well as insights into their past and future. For a very limited time, Genie of the Nile – GOLD will be available as a free game app (normally $1.99) on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon.
  • LvLn – Leveling is the name of the game in this gorgeous 8-bit retro world, where players slay monsters, grab loot, and try to level up as fast as possible. Available for $0.99 on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon.
  • Pics & Riddles – A game of riddles solved by selecting the correct three images for each question. With hundreds of levels and theme packs to choose from, players need to be smart and quick to earn all the stars and the title of “Riddle Master.” Available as a free game app on the Apple App Store.
  • Bubble MayhemA fun and casual game set in a serene undersea world where players pop bubbles and collect falling treasures and power-ups. Available for $0.99 on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

“There’s a real niche for these simple ‘pick-up-and-play’ mobile games that can be enjoyed while waiting in line at a coffee shop or sitting in the doctor’s office,” said Matthew Gillikin. “It’s a much-needed departure from the trend of compulsory games that can stress players out and leave them frustrated. We’re focused on making fun and entertaining game apps. We believe that our products enrich people’s lives through quick and simple bites of entertainment.”

A true husband and wife team, Matthew is responsible for determining the products Tanuki develops, overseeing their designs and managing business development, while Susie uses her project management skills to run the day-to-day operations and advise on the design of the content.

“After years in the corporate world, we both longed for a work environment that allowed us more freedom to pursue our personal passions, while still working on something that was exciting and fulfilling,” said Susie Gillikin, Vice President. “And since we both love raccoons, Tanuki Entertainment was born!”

About Tanuki Entertainment, Inc.

Founded in 2014 by Seattle game industry veteran Matthew Gillikin and his wife, Susie, Tanuki Entertainment, Inc., is an independent game development studio for smartphones, HTML5, GameStick and OUYA. Focused on casual mobile games, Tanuki Entertainment currently has four “pick-up-and-play” style games – Genie of the Nile – GOLD, LvLn, Pics & Riddles and Bubble Mayhem – with more on the way. For additional information, visit or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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