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Take a good look at the image above. Can you name the game it’s from? If you can’t, it’s probably because you were too busy getting kicked in the face by a Delta Red special forces agent to notice the beautiful aurora borealis above that lovely British castle.

As a fun exercise, try identifying the following classic stages now that we’ve removed all characters, health bars, weapons, and other obtrusive sprites. Normally, you wouldn’t have time to appreciate such relaxing scenery in action-heavy games, so here’s your chance.

Click the images to reveal the game’s title, and click here for other cool Puzzlers.


Don’t stare too long into the giant moon when walking along these narrow bridges. You wouldn’t want to fall off into the chasm below. It could get messy.


Crossing this dainty bridge would be a lot easier if hefty, burly men would stop putting their fists in your face.


Grab a couple of your friends and enjoy the sunset, unless an undead monster blocks your path and sets you on fire.