For consumer brands, engagement is a critical way to limit churn and prevent shopping cart abandonment.

Shoppers engage with a brand across multiple devices — mobile and desktop — and it’s often through email that retailers bring an indecisive shopper back to their storefront. The challenge is that most consumers are overwhelmed by email and other inbound advertising, so it’s hard for retailers to cut through the noise and spam filters.

Session Speakers:

Barron Ernst

Barron Ernst, Director of Product Management, One Kings Lane

Noah Jessop Noah Jessop, CEO, CommandIQ

The challenges marketers face include the need to integrate multiple systems, fight for limited customer mindshare, and juggle a multitude of competing communications channels. This makes integrating campaigns and managing them to scale especially difficult as a company grows.

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As we reported back in Q1, online home goods retailer One Kings Lane recently raised an ambitious $112M round to fuel its continued growth. To maintain the healthy growth rate of its initial years, the company is investing in teams and tools that can deliver results even as its customer-acquisition journey gets more complex. It also relies on automation to compensate for a team that can’t grow as fast as its user base.

Barron Ernst, Director of Product Management, sees the importance of platforms like CommandIQ to build unified profiles from customers’ multiple digital ‘bread crumbs’. When we spoke with Ernst, he shared insight into how he designs campaigns, A/B tests so that he is more effective, and sends fewer, more targeted emails that ultimately, drive more purchases.

One Kings Lane will be speaking at the upcoming GrowthBeat conference, on August 5 & 6 in San Francisco, as will CommandIQ’s CEO Noah Jessop, who founded the company after experiencing first-hand the complexity of maintaining successful communications with his users at his previous company ‘The Lucky Labs,’ where he saw how integrated, data-driven outreach was crucial to sustainable growth.

More insight and face-to-face discussion will take place with both Ernst and Jessop at GrowthBeat.

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