Spotify today announced a new partnership with Viacom that will let the media company generate playlists for music from a handful of its music-focused cable channels.

Playlists will now be available on Spotify for music that plays during shows that air on MTV, VH1, and country music channel CMT. Basically, this means you no longer have to hunt for a song you liked while watching an episode on TV, which is kind of useful.

This is also something that the CW has done in the past — listing tracks for music either at the end of a program or via a website. For the Viacom cable channels, it could mean more money from record labels that want to promote the latest tracks from hot artists. The Spotify partnership works well considering the large number of songs in the streaming music service’s library.

Some of the shows getting their own Spotify playlists include MTV’s Teen Wolf, the MTV Video Music Awards, VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, and CMT’s Party Down South.