Sharethrough believes the sentimentality of social media postings can help brands “viralize” their mobile and desktop ad campaigns.

The San Francisco ad company launched their new content library platform this week. Executives there are calling it the largest in-feed content library built around branded content. They may be right. They’re hoping so.

“We want the best things for a brand and campaign to get promoted. While Google cares about the clicks, our focus and interest is on the attributes of the underlying content,” said Sharethrough product director Curt Larson in an interview with VentureBeat.

Building in an analytic capability that gauges consumer sentiment based on their social media postings — Instagram and Vine for instance — and using it as a one of the ingredients for targeted campaigns makes sense for advertisers.

“We are monitoring the sentiment of people tweeting about it,” Larson said. “Our platform is driving traffic to the campaigns that are doing the best.”

Sharethrough’s approach is hardly unique but it works. Its format is real-time, and its platform monitors who’s clicking on campaigns and then on driving traffic to them. Pretty standard, except in this case Sharethrough’s monitoring tools further synthesize the data that advertisers in mobile covet and deliver it on a single screen for customers to see for themselves.

Indeed, at the end of the day, publishers and brand advertisers know that good data analytics for laser-guided-bomb accuracy in campaigns is crucial but is not the only ingredient assured to get eyeballs on a mobile or desktop ad. The real quantifier is consumers hitting the buy button.

Sharethrough has 100 employees and did $30 million in business last year. Its chief and co-founder Dan Greenberg has extensive experience building apps for Facebook, and he is the co-chair of the Native Advertising Committee. Native advertising is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

What Sharethrough does with their exchange is also aggregating the intelligence from disparate sources, like social media, in order to show their clients what in the campaign is working — and what is not. Sharethrough truly believes that campaign optimization for mobile is what makes or breaks successful ad deployments.

Transparency is key here. And publishers and brands are increasingly refusing to hire ad companies that only share parts of their data on a campaign. Clients want it all. And Sharethrough, for its part, recognizes this.

“Our objective, at the end of the day, is to sell. And our focus is on content,” the cheerful Larson said.