When a billionaire venture capitalist comes up with a crazy plan to split California into six separate states, you may be intrigued enough to consult Wikipedia. But when that plan actually gets onto the ballot for the next California election, you await the hilarious reaction from Comedy Central’s Colbert Report.

“There’s a great new plan to make California whole again by breaking it apart,” Colbert said on last night’s show, which featured an interview with VC Tim Draper, creator of the “six Californias” plan.

Draper thinks California as a whole has an unfair level of representation in Washington due to it having a population that is six times larger than the average state’s. Also, the plan would make Silicon Valley into its own state and make it way easier for billionaires to influence the government. [Note: You can read a detailed breakdown of Draper’s “six Californias” plan here.]

Although the “Colbert Bump” has proved successful at gettingĀ attention forĀ notable issues in the past, I’m not sure it’ll do much to convince people that six Californias are better than one. It might, however, convince you that the plan is not only insane, but also really damn funny.

If you don’t believe me, check out both the six California segment and Colbert’s interview with Draper via the video clips embedded below.

Colbert’s Draper Interview: