When Titanfall debuted in March, developer Respawn promised that it would never sell in-game items for microtransactions. Don’t worry. That is still the case.

The studio is prepping another big update for Titanfall, and this one will introduce the “black market” for burn cards as well as a new in-game currency. Players will earn money in the game for performing well in matches. They can then use that digital cash to buy packs of burn cards — the more expensive the booster pack, the better the cards. Respawn even rendered a foil sleeve for the cards that looks like something you’d get when buying a Magic: The Gathering booster from retail. Typically, something like this kind of market is a precursor to in-game purchases with real-world money, but Respawn reaffirmed that it doesn’t want people spending cash on digital goods in Titanfall. The update is free, and it is the latest example of how Respawn is working to provide new content and a more fleshed out experience to fans of its sci-fi shooter.

The update is due out alongside the Frontier’s Edge downloadable content on July 31. In addition to the new features, Respawn is also improving the game’s performance and squashing some bugs.

“With the introduction of an in-game currency, some may worry that the next step is that we will let players spend real-world money to get an edge in the game,” Titanfall designer David Shaver wrote in a blog update on Titanfall’s website. “We have stated several times that Titanfall will not have micro-transactions. Fear not, for we plan to keep that promise — no microtransactions! The only way to get credits is by playing the game.”

Titanfall is a big game for publisher Electronic Arts as well as Respawn, and it has sold well. With updates like these, the companies are obviously hoping to keep excitement for the series up going forward to establish a rabid group of fans who will return for sequels and future content additions. The shooter doesn’t have a single-player mode like the Call of Duty or Halo games that are its most-direct competitors, and that has likely hurt its value perception among many gamers. By adding a ton of free stuff outside of the $10 map packs, Respawn is adding value in other ways.

Titanfall will award you with credits for winning a match, finishing a match, getting your first victory each day, completing daily challenges, and selling burn cards.

The market will open to anyone that is level 11 or higher. Respawn is also using the currency as a mechanic to reward players that have fully leveled up or decide not to regen and stay at the level cap of 50: the XP you earn in a match at that level will turn into credits instead.

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